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How Your Corporate Training Video Can Be Incorporated For New Staff On-boarding

How Your Corporate Training Video Can Be Incorporated For New Staff On-boarding

What is the next step that follows after a new joinee has been hired? Well, the on-boarding, of course. You see, the whole deal of signing contracts, doing handshakes, and making a commitment doesn’t matter if you are not going through the on-boarding process.

In every other company across the globe, corporate training plays a vital role when the new employees start their work. It not only gives them an acute idea about what their long-term and short-term goals will be but also gives them a new outlook towards the organization.

So, if you are also interested to know about the corporate training video production Malaysia and how to use it for the new Staff, here are some essential tips to follow.

What Are The Tips To Inculcate In The Corporate Training Video?

Before we dig deeper into the topic, one thing to remember is that a better on-boarding process is the trick to keep employees faithful to the organization. According to a recent survey rate, you can reduce the new joiner’s retention rate by 82% with a stronger on-boarding process paired up with a corporate training video.

Let us see how you can perfect these strategies.

Inculcate Live-in Demo and Introductions:

One thing that everybody knows till now is that videos play a far more influential role than verbal communication. The way an effective presentation gives a virtual tour of the company is far more attractive when you do that in person.

Thus, try to include the live-in introductions from the CEO, employees, and other members of the committee. This will help new Staff to learn more about the company in detail, and they will also be interested in joining a workplace that welcomes them with added dignity.

Videos Are More Engaging:

Now, this is something we aren’t making up. If you go through textual content and video content side by side, you will know that latter is far more engaging than others. So, try to make your corporate training video production Malaysia more fun and interesting to quirk up the on-boarding process.

Always remember the way you deliver the information to the employees is more crucial than any other.

Speak About The Goals in Details:

New hires are those who are clueless about the organization. Thus, to prep them about their roles, team management, project management, and diversity training, a detailed corporate video is something that can help.

Make sure to include a roadmap of objectives within a reasonable time frame to help them accomplish their tasks better.


Apart from all these, you can also include a company policy slide in the video that forms the organization’s bedrock. These shall include cyber security policies, nondiscrimination policies, and employee harassment policies, to name a few.

Always remember the company on-boarding video acts as the face cover of your organization. Thus, try to make it effective so that it expresses the personality of the company profoundly.