Explainer Video Production in Malaysia
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Explainer Video Production

Creative minds at work

Here at Musemedia, we will accompany you throughout every stage of the explainer video production in Malaysia to ensure every element and aspect are not overlooked. With strategic planning over all phases of production from pre-production to post-production, we highlight high quality and effective content to ensure you achieve your marketing strategy and campaign objectives. Our method and process has been proven to boost your targeted audience awareness and interest for your brand and surely will give you a high return of investment (ROI).


An Eye for Detail Accompanied by a Creative Crew

Any goal can be achieved with a detailed plan and strategy. Our expert team of creators, illustrators, copy writers and editors are hard at work to produce one of a kind explainer videos that is sure to become the audience favourite.


We carry out research and well-planned strategy from pre-production of the explainer video until after it is published to ensure your video is a success, and not just any other video out there.


Explainer Video as a Modern-Day Elevator Pitch

As explainer videos are the digital era’s substitute of an elevator pitch, we’ll ensure that your explainer video highlights these three main points; what are the issues your customers face, what is the solution to this issue, and how your product is the answer for your customers! In less than 2 minutes,we as your animated explainer videos agency will help to convey abstract concepts in easy, entertaining, and meaningful ways.


There have been numerous research and proven data on how explainer videos can increase conversion rate and sign-ups to up to 50% in landing pages. The reason why they work so well is because they are shorter than most videos on the internet, they’re easily curated to fit your desired audiences’ interests, focuses on brand awareness, and simply communicate complex ideas in a fun way.


A Unique Explainer Video for A Unique Product

Musemedia creates and designs only unique videos that stand out with emphasis on two main goals; targeted and branded towards your company, products, services, and customers. Our organized process is tailored to meet your company and customers’ needs and wants, with animations that suits your chosen style and represents your niche area. We can work with various industries and numerous goals set, such as financial services, healthcare, IT, marketing, advertising, and education sectors.


The Key to a Great Explainer Video

The main and crucial aspects to any explainer videos production in Malaysia are; clarity, quality, and customization. Our team at Musemedia will ensure throughout the process of explainer video pre-production to post-production that your video is of high quality, communicate the main idea clearly, and is customized to capture your desired audience attention. We deliver versatile, compelling, and effective videos to achieve your marketing goals. The quality of the explainer video will represent your brand in the best way possible and create awareness unlike any others. The fundamentals of Musemedia in being one of the best explainer videos companies in Malaysia are the message, the storytelling, and the degree of animation we offer you. Drop us a line.