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Work Safety Videos – Why They Are Necessary

Work Safety Video Production Crew in Action

Work Safety Videos – Why They Are Necessary

Any business, no matter how big or small, must abide by legal working condition, and as part of that, their employees must undergo training. Sometimes, those training sessions only require them to watch work safety videos. However, even if it’s a 10-minute workplace safety video, they are necessary, because everyone learns differently. Some people learn through practice, some learn through listening to instructions, and others learn through visuals, and that includes watching videos. That’s why creating worker safety videos is necessary. It not only aids a training session, it also helps those doing the training to understand and learn what they need to do, to ensure their safety, in the workplace.

Cover All Bases

If a business is large, there will be many departments involved, including cleaning, IT, and manufacture. That’s why it’s important that, despite being focused on office-based positions, a business uses worker safety videos, to ensure that all their staff members and employees know how to remain safe in any of their workplace environments, in the event that they will have to use those spaces temporarily or unexpectedly.

While many businesses focus on their office-based positions, there are still risks and hazards when working in those office spaces that endanger employees’ health and safety. So, creating work safety videos is necessary. They highlight these hazards to employees, so that if any freak accidents do occur, the business won’t be held liable for the damage.

Highlight The Hazards

There are many risks and hazards in any workplace, such as electrics, confined spaces and even mental and emotional traumas. That’s why it’s important to create worker safety videos, for any industry, to help new employees’, and to help refresh existing employees’ awareness of the risks involved in the business. That’s why it is important to use videos such as electrical safety videos, PPE safety videos, scaffolding safety videos and confined spaces safety videos to highlight the risks that can occur in such varied environments.

Although some videos may not be suitable for some environments, such as scaffolding safety videos and PPE safety videos for offices, it is still important to highlight the risks involved, in case the office needs to undergo any renovations that will include equipment like PPE and scaffoldings. However, in industries, such as construction, manufacture and engineering, these videos are vital, as employees, visitors, and contractors will be exposed to these hazards, and will require the necessary PPE, to ensure their own safety, by being visible, to those operating heavy machinery or heavy loads.

Behind the scene of the work safety video prouction

Construction, Manufacture And Engineering

For many industries, worker safety videos are simply created as a safety pre-caution for their employees, especially if they’re only working in offices. However, there are a few industries where these videos are vital to the safety in the workplace, for their workers. In industries like construction, manufacture, engineering and crafts, workers are exposed to highly active and highly dangerous machinery, equipment, tools, and situations. That is why it is necessary to create worker safety videos for them, in order to remind employees, contractors and visitors, about the necessity for care and caution, in and around their workplace.

By creating work safety videos, and workplace safety videos, you’ll be ensuring that those who visit the worksite will be aware of the dangers, know how to handle them, as well as try to avoid and prevent them as much as possible. It is especially important in industries that are involved in engineering, manufacture, and construction, as they involve high-risk machinery, situations, and equipment, such as saws, cranes, heights, volatile chemicals, and heavy loads.

Mandatory Views = Effectiveness

While it is easier said than done, to create workplace safety videos, it is vital they’re made, especially in industries that include them as prerequisites for anyone who enters the worksite or workplace. As industry professionals, ensuring the health and safety of your employees is one of the most important issues that every business must face. Thus, it isn’t enough to just make work safety videos. It would be a wise decision if these videos were made mandatory to watch, especially during recruitment training sessions, for new employees, and as mandatory tasks for all visitors and contractors before their visit.

By including these videos in training sessions, or as tasks before a visit, new employees, visitors, and contractors will be aware of the risks that are present at worksites and will ensure their behaviours and attitudes comply with health and safety restrictions at the site. It is especially important for new employees to understand these issues, as they will be working with these hazards and restrictions every day.

It is also a wise decision if existing employees are given refreshers, using these videos, to ensure that they are constantly kept up to date with new and existing safety procedures and to ensure that they comply with them. For example, if the business is involved in construction and manufacture, including overhead crane safety videos is included in their refresher sessions, to remind them about the risks of operating overhead cranes in and around the work area. Similarly, employees must also be shown lockout tagout (LOTO) safety videos, to comply with safety standards, in and around heavy and high-risk machinery, such as diggers, drills, and saws.

Moreover, by showing these videos to visitors and contractors, you’ll be ensuring that their conduct in and around the worksite will be in compliance with the safety standards of the site. Since these visitors may not always be experienced in such industries as construction or manufacture, their safety is of the utmost importance, when they’re on site, as it is easy for them to sue the business, if they feel that they are at risk of injury or death. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to show these workplace safety videos to visitors to the site, especially if they are unfamiliar with its safety procedures.

Have A Follow-Up

It is also important to include follow-up sessions, such as quizzes, reading materials or even safety demonstrations, with your work safety videos, to be sure that your new employees, visitors, and contractors understand the risks of being on-site. It’ll ensure that they will follow compliance rules, to their best effort, and that the risks at these sites are kept minimal.

By including follow-ups, to your work safety videos, you can be sure that the business won’t be implicated in case an accident does occur. For example, if the site handles volatile chemicals, it is important to show chemical safety videos, but it is even more important to be certain that your employees, visitors, and contractors are aware of the dangers, and can identify the signs of a leak or spillage, and even understand how to prevent any from occurring. You’ll be able to confirm their understanding, by giving them a short quiz after they’ve watched the video, or through handout materials that they can peruse, before they enter the worksite.

Examine The Risks

Before you carry out any work at any worksite, let alone create any work safety videos, it is always best to list out the risks that these sites might have. Always be aware of the hazards, risks, safety precautions and procedures you need to make, before creating these videos. While you might think it unimportant to create a safety video for scaffolding, if your business is in manufacture, particularly in a factory, there will be times where your worksite will need a scaffolding, either for repairs or for renovations, and therefore a scaffolding safety video will be required.

Similarly, if your business is based in an office, and nowhere near a building site, it would be remiss to exclude electrical safety videos, as an office building is covered in wirings that could cause accidents and injury, if not properly handled. Therefore, it is always best to include safety videos that cover the issues that are not only specific to the workplace, but issues that may occur in the workplace.

How To Create Work Safety Videos

Oftentimes it can be tempting to use your current employees and their equipment to quickly shoot footage for your work safety videos, and it can be entertaining for their colleagues and friends to see themselves in these videos, it does not mean that these videos will be appropriate, nor will they comply with best business practices. To really get the most out of your work safety videos and workplace safety videos, you will need to set aside a budget for video-making professionals, to create your work safety videos for you.

By calling in professionals, you are ensuring that not only will your videos be attractive to your employees, visitors, and contractors, they will be informative. Professional video and filmmakers will know the techniques necessary to keep audience attention on the video or film they’re watching, and because they have that know-how, they will create the most effective work safety videos for your business. That way, you won’t have to worry about what goes into the video, unless you are part of the production process yourself. By entrusting professionals in the video and filmmaking industry, you can be certain that the videos they make will comply with your business’ image and comply with the safety standards of your business practice.

Trust The Professionals

We at Musemedia are professionals you can rely on, to create your work safety videos, no matter what industry you’re from. Whether you’re an office-based company, or you’re a business from the construction, manufacture, or engineering industries, we will create professional quality videos your you and your company. Our dedicated teams of film and video crews will work to the best of our abilities, to create work safety videos that are up to your standard and brand image. We will ensure every video you ask from us will contain all the information your employees, visitors, and contractors need to comply with your business’ health and safety protocols and procedures.

If you’d like a quote from us, simply contact us at Musemedia to receive your first work safety video proposal.