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5 Essentials of a Killer Facebook Live Event Video Content

5 Essentials of a Killer Facebook Live Event Video Content

Going live on Facebook can be daunting and challenging, it’s a medium where you can’t predict or control the events. Despite the challenges that comes with Facebook video in Malaysia, brands and businesses have not stopped using the medium. To get the best results, an ample amount of planning, strategizing and preparation have to be invested.

There are key reasons why brands and businesses are turning to facebook live video content.

Next Level of Marketing
Video is king and digital marketers trust the potency of live video streaming. You are sending a message of your sophistication to your audience.

Wider Reach
Imagine being able to speak to thousands at once. That’s the leverage facebook live video affords you. You’ll save cost and reach more people at once.

Address Issues and Concerns
You can handle a Q & A session during the live event. This creates a form of real time feedback.

Today, live streaming videos is taking the mainstream as a potent content sharing medium. Both businesses and brands are relying on live video as a means of reaching their target audience. A good number of people will prefer to watch a live video content than a pre-recorded video or a blog post. To the point that the target audience are even ready to pay for live, exclusive and on-demand video from their favorite speaker, brand and business.

However, to achieve optimum results from a live Facebook video in Malaysia, some essentials have to the put in place;

1. Deliver The Right Content For The Right Audience.
The number one tip is for you to tailor your message and content for the right audience. This should start from defining and identifying what your audience needs. When you are defining your audience, take to Facebook advice by optimizing for 10,000 viewers.

Know who your real customers are and develop a content that suits their purpose. Don’t just go straight into streaming without identifying what you audience are yearning for.

2. Get The Technicalities Right
From the lighting to the camera, you can’t afford to make any mistake. You can start by finding a post production house in Malaysia. Facebook event live video production can only yield the necessary result. Your video must be attention grabbing, that’s why you have to pay attention to the background.

It’s not just your video, ensure you have a good audio output. Ensure that the background noise is at the minimum or a non-existent level. Most importantly, ensure that the microphones pick the right voice.

3. Let Your Audience Know When You Are Going Live
Don’t just go live without informing your audience. Choose a specific date and time for your Facebook video in Malaysia. You can share promotional posts or snippet videos as a build up to the live event. Ensure there’s enough awareness as to when you are going live.

You can create a brief summary or a teaser of what they should look forward to in the Facebook video in Malaysia. A reminder will help your target audience know when to tune in.

4. Don’t Be Boring With Your Facebook Live
No one will want to sit for half hour or a full hour to one boring live Facebook video in Malaysia. Make use of multiple creative ideas for every of your live Facebook video in Malaysia. You can show them a behind the scene shot of your business, factory or events.

Try out a Q & A session, Product Demo, Live Online Classes, Interviews, New product launch and other ideas.

5. Optimize For Mobile Users
Your target audience are not going to be viewing via desktop alone. Statistically, you have a good number that will be viewing from their mobile devices. You should be able to get all the 65% of mobile users who watch live Facebook video in Malaysia from their mobile device.

Live video streaming for business have a more wider reach on mobile than desktop. You should have this in mind before going into live Facebook video in Malaysia.