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6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

In a world where people constantly hit the web to find solutions to their problems, videos have become a great marketing tool to explore. Social Medias, blogs, websites, video streaming services and more provide multiple ways of captivating web users. From TV commercials since the turn of the 19th century to the current day’s Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook live and all other streams, it is certain that videos have become a fixture in our everyday life. Digital Video Malaysia has now realized that video marketing holds a lot of fortune. It is one of the latest additions to an ideal promotion kit. Recent statistics reveal that 63% of businesses have now incorporated a video content marketing strategy. Video is an efficient marketing tool that reaches out to both existing and prospective clients. Are you still in doubts? Here are 6 top reasons why you should employ a video marketing

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Video Boosts Conversion As Well As Sales
Maybe you didn’t know, videos can earn you a lot of money. Study has shown that adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. They are more efficient marketing alternative because they often result in sales. Digital Video Malaysia concluded after a study that 74% of users who watched a marketing video eventually bought the product.

Leads to trust
Trust is key in trying to achieve conversion and sales. Video marketing helps promoters earn the trust of viewers and creates a long-term relationship. The moment customers realize your videos denote the actual description of your products, they feel the need to experience what they have watched

Provides A Tremendous ROI
The aim of any marketing tool is to increase sales and in that case, the potency of Video marketing is evident. According to a study conducted by Wyzowl in a video marketing statistics, 2017, 83% of respondents say that videos provide a great return on investment. Although the video production process is not an easy one, the result on your business is worth it.

Get more engagements from mobile users
In social media, video content is king. This is as a result of its effectiveness as a marketing tool that connects your business to potential clients. Millions of internet users watch videos on different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other sources on a daily basis. Imagine how much your business stands to gain if these people spent at least a minute watching your videos. Digital Video Malaysia also discovered that 90% of customers watch videos on their mobile phones. With YouTube mobile video utilization experiencing a 100 fold increase annually, you can reach more audience by embarking on a video marketing project.

Capitalize on Google Videos
Google owns YouTube and that’s a great news for marketers. Statistics available show that websites that have integrated a video have between 50-53% more exposure than their counterparts. The idea is to optimize your video with a well thought SEO titles and your content will be the top-draw when customers pull a search.

Make The Lazy Buyers Yours
A statistic released by Impactbnd revealed that social videos generate 1200% more engagements than text and images combined. Users are hardly ever interested in going through lengthy promotional posts. Digital Video Malaysia has also discovered that people love to see what they want to buy and marketing videos represent a smart way of winning over customers in this category. Plan out your campaign to roll out video content at least once a week. The content format can be in vlog, motivation words, case study, explainer video etc.