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7 Awesome Ideas to Use in Your Explainer Videos in 2021

7 Awesome Ideas to Use in Your Explainer Videos in 2021

The chances are that you have heard about an explainer video if you are looking to explore the video marketing option for your business. The main question is what exactly is an explainer video? and how do you go about creating a great one for your business. Explainer videos are just like the name goes – a video that describes a phenomenon, concept or business in a manner that makes it easily comprehensible. A typical explainer video must have an idea that centres on the viewers. Our Explainer video in Malaysia focusses on the audience and how the product and services rendered by the business can meet their needs.

It’s 2019 and a lot of businesses have now woken up to the advantages of explainer videos. While some hire the hands of a professional or use an explainer software, what makes all the difference is the quality of the idea behind the concept. The quality of an explainer video in Malaysia doesn’t just lie in the characters of the animation. It’s all about how relatable and understandable it is for the viewers. Some awesome ideas for explainer videos includes;

Describe a trend or concept
Our Explainer video Malaysia understands every business has a trend or scope that is difficult to understand. Explaining the concept of your business in an easy-to-understand terms is a smart move.

Explain your business and what you are offering
A perfect example of this is to begin with why your explainer video can help customers. What is the problem common to customers and then explain how your product or service aims to solve it.

Explain how to do a particular thing
Among several ideas of explainer videos, a tutorial or how to is in order. This serves as a great concept to pitch your business on YouTube where viewers are constantly searching for tutorials on how to make and fix things.

Explain the answer to a frequently asked question
Customers always have questions they seek answers for and an explainer video is a great avenue to answer them. This makes it super easy to deal with them because the next time someone asks a question, the link can be easily shared. A swift response to their answers keeps them fascinated. New customers can also be reached by posting answers to common questions on YouTube and other platforms.

Explain latest trends and policies
Explainer videos can also be used to inform viewers about a change in strategy, a new break in technology or a long-awaited moment customers have savoured. The idea is to take clients from mere customers to insiders, bringing them up to speed with latest developments.

Explain concepts with shapes and motion
Customers love to know how a product or service will add value to their life and driving the point home requires some help. Shapes are a great way of illustrating but when coupled with motion, it generates a great awareness and a long lasting impression.

Use handmade illustrations and gestures
Handmade illustrations and gestures are great explainer video ideas that are often overlooked. In a world dominated by computers and AI, hand-drawn animations provide a special type of comfort and appeal advertisers are trying to promote.