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7 Rare Ideas on Publishing Video Content On Facebook

7 Rare Ideas on Publishing Video Content On Facebook

You must have noticed; video content is gaining more relevance than it used to be.

It is becoming an important part of social algorithm that is trusted and relied on y brands and businesses. Facebook video and other types of digital video needs to become part of your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketers, brands and businesses believes there’s a high ROI when video content is published. Digital video in Malaysia helps you to build brand awareness, engage with your customers and most importantly, there’s a high conversion.

Which is why Musemedia is offering you 7 ideas you can implement for your Facebook video in Malaysia;

1. Explainer Videos
With a Facebook video Malaysia, you can use a digital video to inform your audience of what you offer as product and services. With an explainer video Malaysia, you can describe how your product and services can help them.

Use an explainer video in Malaysia to expatiate on how your product/services is better than your competitors. You have to sound convincing with your explainer video in Malaysia.

2. Qs & As
A question and answer video content can shed light on the confusing aspects of your brand. In real time, you can proffer solutions to the problem of your customers using a live video. If it’s pre-recorded, you can solicit for questions ahead and harvest the pressing ones.

A Q & A session can be informative, entertaining and also educative. You will be boosting your credibility.

3. Behind The Scenes
Humans enjoy curiosity and a bit of storytelling. With a digital video in Malaysia, you can publish a behind the scene video. Show them a feel of how your brand and business create the magic. They’ll be curious to know more.

You can do some form of video tour, factory tour or team tour. This will let your audience know the quality and quantity of work that does into every unit of your product.

4. Tutorials
Why not a tutorial? Yes, a real time video explaining how to go about an aspect of your product and service to the audience. With a tutorial video, a form of step-by-step guide will help create a new level of loyalty.

Creating value for your audience is one way to create a die-hard brand loyalty. Use your experience to give back to your customers.

5. Live Video
Enough of pre-recorded or animated videos now, a live Facebook video in Malaysia performs wonders. You just need to try it out once to see how effective it can be. Don’t just do a live video, ensure you get it right from start to finish.All social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all have a live video feature.

6. Product Intro
Do you have a new product, feature or service? A digital video content is one way to create awareness about such product. With a product intro done using digital video, you are letting your audience in on what is on offer.

The product or service has a lot to gain from a digital video in Malaysia published on social media.

7. Vlogs
Video blogging is gaining popularity everyday. People wants to see someone Vlogging about real life events. It’s one way to beef up your online presence and make an impact online. See how you can implement vlogging as part of your marketing strategy.

Choose topics that are of interest to your target audience. One way to stay relevant in the online sphere.