Steps Involved In Explainer Video Production Malaysia Process
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Steps involved in explainer video production Malaysia process?

explainer video production Malaysia

Steps involved in explainer video production Malaysia process?

Animated explainer videos are playing the most important role in the marketing on every social media platform. You might have seen various explainer videos in recent days. Most of the people think that creating an explainer video is the easiest process due to its short time and common animation. But it has eight major processes to perform before the complete outcome. On this page, you will have a clear idea about the complicated process of explainer video production.

1. Initial preparation analyzing your audience


Before initiating with the explainer video process, you must know the reason why it is processed for your business. The main purpose of obtaining the best videos from Explainer Video Production Company is to satisfy your audience. Satisfying your audience can’t be practiced without analyzing your audience expectation and behavior. The company that you choose for the animated explainer video will prepare you with a better script for your video after analyzing your customer behavior.

The benefit of analyzing your customer will help you when it comes to the explainer process. To make this possible at the initial stage, they will process your video with visuals, audio, and text combinations. To have complete efficiency at this stage, you must choose the best explainer video production Malaysia with all the below features to target audience:

  • A clear, simple message with a great understanding score
  • High creative script with the additional support of quality motion graphics design
  • Pleasing voice featured for narrating and explaining
  • Quality music and sound effects
  • Adorable characters

2. Starting explainer video production: initial script


Scripts result with the score of your explainer video. Without a proper script, the complete video product might move to the trash with zero response. Even though the visual quality and sound effects play a lead role without a script, there is no use in working with those techniques. Like various other content, every word must be clear and have a selling value. The words must not be exceeded. For 60 seconds video, you can fill in words between 160- 180 per minute. The script has to be attached to the minds of the audience at first sight.

3. Formulate a corporate brand


The brand is the other thing that has to be considered during the initial stage of explainer video creation. The Animated Explainer Video Agency that you choose must follow a unique strategy to include brand value with video scripting and production. This is where the colors and contrast plays a major role in every part of your production video. The alignment has to be made with the same perfection to ensure proper branding. And consider not to overboard your corporate branding because that can alienate several local fans. So it is better to maintain a low brand pitch silently.

4. Mockup phase


This is the stage where the video producer will choose the style and create a character for your explainer video.

From here, the explainer video process actually starts with several options such as:

    • 3D
    • Whiteboard
    • Graphic animation
    • Typography
    • Silhouette animation
    • Motion graphic animation and so onAt this phase, you can also choose your charters for your branding, which will make your video more interactive and attractive


5. Creating storyboard


This is where your script gets alive within your explainer video storyboards. This stage of the explainer video explains individual slides with your script. You can clearly describe every happening within them. You can also place your visual blueprint and master plan within the storyboards. You can convey to the listeners with a more effective approach and increase your brand standard.

6.Voice recording


Even after the voice support and animation support, the viewers still need an additional comfortability that can be provided with voice recording. The explainer video production company must provide you with a pleasing voice that is cut clear to ensure audibility. For this explainer video production process, you must take up to 24 hours for completion.



Your explainer video will get more polished outlook after this. For the effectiveness of the animation process, you can have various options to meet your expectation. You can have individual element stuffs for your explainer video to increase your brand value. This is the most important task within your video creation process, which takes more time, and you need to consider investing more in this. You can make animations with emotions, graphics and music support.

8.The final stage with error deduction


The production process will have slight corrections and insight clearance after every process. Spending time after every step will slow up the product. To bring exact results within a short time, companies use this process. At this time you can explain to your production company with all your additional needs to satisfaction. At this stage, you will have an issue due to a lack of sensitive results where quality plays a major role.

Bottom line:

Choose the best explainer video production company to develop the best outcome for your brand enhancement.