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How Explainer Videos is the Next Gen Elevator Pitch?

How Explainer Videos is the Next Gen Elevator Pitch?

The internet plays an enormous role in the ordinary lives of people of this age to provide them all kinds of information about several services and businesses. Explainer video works as a promising source of providing profitable information to the viewers. For industrialists and business owners who want to establish their name and fame in front of the world, an explainer video is a great choice indeed.

Irrespective of your products or service’s size and popularity, an explainer video is an open option for all. It is nothing but a compact visual representation of services and products in video format for the consumers’ convenience.

Let’s have a look at how explainer video is the next-gen elevator pitch.

Explainer videos are informative and creative:

Research shows that people of this generation inclined towards watching something visually rather than listening or reading. Therefore, a premium quality explainer video strikes the weak point of the ordinary people and makes them watch it till the end.

Additionally, you can add your very own creative touch when decorating the video as there are no specific rules. But make sure the following video is informative enough to fulfill the fundamental purpose of the video.

Explainer videos go viral quickly:

People of this era don’t have that time to read and share vast descriptions of various products or people’s businesses. Hence, an explainer video effortlessly gets circulated among the new generation of this era.

If someone finds an explainer video beneficial and informative, they quickly copy the link and share it with friends, families, colleagues, and others. Thus, a virtual informative yet short video quickly creates its place in the crowd and collects many views if broadcasted on the right platform.

Explainer videos are not exhausting:

Generally, whenever someone starts to give a detailed description of their company or a particular product, it tends to get very tiring and exhausting after a while. So although we manage to sit down and pretend to listen to the whole at once yet, the ultimate purpose of it gets a big zero.

But with an explainer video, especially with a good quality animated one, you can effortlessly snatch viewers’ attention without wasting any time. If necessary, you can pause, rewind, even fast forward it for your convenience. Therefore, it doesn’t get boring, and people appreciate your creativeness and effort as well.

Induce the viewers:

Whenever someone forcefully listens or reads some company’s pitch, it grows discomfort and irritation in their mind. But while watching a super intriguing and fun animated explainer video of a particular brand or product, it provokes them to get their hands into that service as soon as possible.


We hope till now you have figured out why and how explainer videos are the next-gen elevator pitch. Explainer videos never disappoint the consumers with its appealing features, informative subjects, sometimes animated objects, and time-saving privileges. So feel free to contact a professional explainer video production Malaysia company to start your journey of creating virtual videos for your clients.