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Top 6 Motion Graphics Trends of 2019

Top 6 Motion Graphics Trends of 2019

When it comes to motion graphics, there’s a usual shift in style. Motion graphics is one route to stay out of the ordinary and be wild in your imaginations. Motion graphics in Malaysia is dictated by the changes in technology and innovation. We are many weeks into the year and there are possible hot trends for the year 2019. We are not recommending that you jump on any of the bandwagon, rather you should be guided by these trends.

Malaysia: Dual Language Program Malaysia Infographix from Musemedia on Vimeo.

1. Glitch Effects
As reported by Shutterstock, Glitch Effect has creeped into different spheres of branding, marketing, and most importantly, motion graphics. Look through the ads on your TV screen and mobile videos, it usually starts with a typical glitch.

The glitch effect is taking over video marketing in Malaysia. Motion graphics in Malaysia is being dominated by Glitch effect in 2019.

2. 2D and 3D Combo
One trend that is being explored by designers in recent time is 2D and 3D designs. Which is why designers are looking for a more crystalized means to achieving a complex and stylized designs. You will be offering the viewers and audience new and interesting experiences.

It is the view of industry observers that the fusion of 2D and 3D designs will continue to grow in popularity. We will be seeing more of 2D and 3D designs throughout 2019.

3. Liquid Motion
Liquid motion is not new but it is regaining a new popularity. It has been around for a while but the popularity has been enduring. Liquid Motion has to do with the fluid transition of images and pictures. Simply put, a form of animation in which the shapes transform in a liquid format.

Motion Graphics in Malaysia stands to gain a lot via liquid motion. It will help inject a new lease of life into motion graphics in Malaysia.

4. Dense Patels
Everyone loves the effect of dense patels in motion graphics in Malaysia. They usually carry a powerful effect that cannot be expressed through mere words. Check out Apple designs on the recent iPhones, it’s one of the selling point.

Dense patels as an emerging trend in motion graphics in Malaysia ejects a sense of calmness and elegance into designs.

5. Animated Logos
If you’ve seen one, then you must really love it. It’s a departure from the usual static logos you know. Animated Logos is finding its way into motion graphics in Malaysia as a powerful marketing and branding tool. It syncs well with digital video and carries all the message you need to convey.

With animated logos, you can wrap, expand, transform, rearrange and rotate your logos. There’s a lot animated logo can do for your branding efforts.

6. Morphing
Coming as the last of the hot 2019 motion graphics trends. You can connect numerous ideas together using morphing graphics. One excellent way of achieving seamless transition between concepts.

In 2019, Morphing graphics will be used more frequently. It will take a more prominent position in the motion graphics industry in Malaysia.