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What You Don’t Know About Explainer Videos

What You Don’t Know About Explainer Videos

Whatever purpose you indeed to achieve with an explainer video, it must not only provide information about your brand but also be enticing enough to convince them. Explainer videos is not just a potent marketing tool but an effective one in the hands of every marketer. We need not over flog the potentials of video content, they are the most important tool when it comes to social media signals and algorithm. Let’s assume you are unaware of the following about explainer videos in Malaysia;

1. There Must Be A Story Towards a Pain points
Every explainer video in Malaysia must be guided by a story. However, the story must be about your customer and not just about you. If it’s possible, the story must be entirely about your customer. Every explainer video in Malaysia should address the pain points of your customers. An explainer video in Malaysia can be used in creating a connection, don’t fail in using it to the fullest. With the story, you need to be able to tell the audience how the quality of life can be improved.

2. Give Them Something To Remember and They Will Always Remember
An explainer video is an awesome branding tool, don’t fail to use it. You cannot fail in using a video and you must not fail in connecting the story to your brand. The story must be easy to recall and must always tell them about your brand. Brand your explainer videos in Malaysia with a logo they can always remember. Embed your company logo in their minds using the story in an explainer video. Humans are moved by stories which brings your thought when they require your services.

3. The Beginning and The End Must Contain a Summary
At the beginning of your explainer video in Malaysia, you must intimate your audience of what you’ll be doing in the explainer video. This can be a make or break for your explainer video in Malaysia. You must be able to persuade the audience to watch your video till the very end using the executive summary. No one will watch a video they are unaware of what it is about as far as the third minute. They must be able to decipher what they will learn in the video. This will serve as a motivation to sit back and watch till the end.

4. How Will Your Audience Reach Out To You
It will amount to an effort in futility if after making an awesome explainer video in Malaysia, you don’t provide your audience the necessary contact information. You’ve given the audience enough reasons why they can trust you in the explainer video in Malaysia. You must be open to enquiries from these convinced audience. Provide your phone number, email, website and social media handles. There will be people who will stumble on your videos, they must be able to reach out to you. Don’t put them in the dark about contacting you.

5. Simple Is Better
It’s an explainer video, you should be able to make it as understandable as possible. Make your explainer video an understandable one, when a 5 year old watches the video, it must be clearer. Don’t be pushing in technical jargons in your explainer videos in Malaysia, break it down to an understandable level.