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Why Businesses Are Using Video Contents for Marketing

Why Businesses Are Using Video Contents for Marketing

In recent years, most businesses have adopted the video marketing strategy and they continue to do so for good reasons. Since the advent of YouTube, the eyes of both corporate bodies and individuals have been opened to the benefits of video contents as a marketing tool. Since its inception in 2005, other video companies have crafted a path after YouTube providing more options for businesses to explore. Digital Video in Malaysia have highlighted the simplicity of video contents as a marketing and how much growth they bring to a business.

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The prevalence of video marketing among businesses in our current world is as a result of its effortlessness in bringing growth and increasing an organizations ROI. Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vimeo are all platforms that enable users create and share videos easily. These platforms provide businesses with an opportunity to inspire, appeal and evoke the emotion of audience, compelling them to act on what they view. Here are a few things that explain why businesses are now embracing the idea of video contents for marketing.

Video contents brings your brand to life
The concept of a business transcends what is written down on paper, there has to be a meeting point between your ideas and potential clients. What a Digital Video in Malaysia does is to use a video content to introduce a spark that ignites your marketing strategies to generate action from clients. It keeps your clients connected and also provides an avenue to bring in new viewers who eventually go on to become customers. Videos boast a higher efficiency than texts. They create an immediate and authentic platform for interaction and connectivity with clients. This also gives room for comments and reactions in real-time.

Word of mouth remain an old marketing tool and is becoming less appreciated by clients. The coverage is also limited to physical meetings reducing its potency and making it difficult for clients to comprehend the business’ scope. Videos establish a pure connectivity and helps customers build trust from scratch.

Wider coverage
Digital Video in Malaysia also revealed that over 91% of customers are more likely to reward a business’ authenticity by sharing their video contents with friends and family. With billions of users taking to the internet daily, video contents are a great way to engage users and promote a brand. Study also shows that 62% of customers that have viewed a genuine video content from a brand are more likely to show a greater interest in doing business with the brand.

Where are the consumers and how fast can you reach them?
Although classic marketing techniques remain relevant, video marketing continues to grow exponentially in this regard. Most customers hang out online and Digital Video in Malaysia can reach them quickly via a video content. The moment you identify where your target market is – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other video platforms, video contents can be produced to reach them faster.